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Eras after it was constructed, The Great Wall of China is considered to be a wonder and it makes you think how ancient Chinese managed to reach such great heights in the field of engineering and architecture. Today, it is one of the major tourist spot of the world. The great wall covers an area of 22,000 km and it is not possible to see all the nooks and corners over a period of tem days, however, it will certainly give you a feel am realization about the class of Chinese culture and tradition. In Great Wall Trekking Tours China has left every one behind


The tour package

It is a 6days trek, which includes 9 breakfast, 5 dinners and 4 lunches. You will be accommodated in hotels and guesthouse for four and five nights respectively. The means of transportation would be bus, train and when required, walking. You will have a local guide, who speaks English and is an expert of the tour.

The tour

The tour starts from Beijing. On the second day of the tour you will be visiting the local sites. On the 3rd day you will start the trek towards Xizazi village, there you will halt for the night. The 4th day, would be the most toughest trek and at the end of the day, you will reach Gubeikou, to spend the night. On day 5th and 6th you will trek through the river valleys and mountain cliffs with the Great Wall at the foreground. Once your reached your destination, you would feel that all the hardship and the pain of trekking such a long distance was worth it!!! You will cherish the memory of Great Wall Trekking Tours China

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